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What is the our best guess at the correlation betwen individual alpha frequency and temporal windows in perception? 

We released a simple, free, interactive, online meta-analysis tool where a user can estimate meta-analytic effect sizes for correlation data. The fully editable data table is currently populated with 27 experiments linking individual alpha-band frequency to temporal binding windows in visual and audio-visual perception. Check it out here:

Open Science

Raw data and analysis code associated with lab projects can be found on the SamahaLabUCSC page hosted through the Open Science Framework (

Matlab code for time-frequency analysis

[dothewave.m]. Command line function for decomposing signals in a 2- and 3-D matrix into their time-frequency representation using Morlet wavelets. Function performs optional baseline normalization for task-based signals and has controllable parameters for the number of frequencies, the number of wavelet cycles at each frequency, and the range of frequencies. 

[dotheslide.m]. Command line function for estimating the instantaneous frequency of a narrow-band signal via the "frequency sliding" method described in MX Cohen (2014) Journal of Neuroscience

Useful links

[Link]   Free Lectures and Matlab scripts covering a wide range of signal processing topics in electrophysiology by Mike X Cohen

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[Link]   GitHub repo from the Voytek Lab at UCSD with code for all kinds of neat electrophysiology analyses. Check out the "open data" collection from Tom Donoghue for links to a bunch of free EEG/MEG/ECoG datasets

[Link]   Data, code, and blog about being an awesome scientist and doing many useful things in Matlab from Dr. Anne Urai

[Link]   Curated list of open-source Matlab code for doing just about anything

[Link]   Epic collection of all things modern psychophysics from Dr. Hans Strasburger

[Link]   Blog post on how to email faculty prior to applying to grad school from the Luck lab, written by Drs. Lisa Oakes and Steve Luck

[Link]   Northern California Consciousness meeting at UC Davis, organized by Lara Krisst, Jason Samaha, Steve Luck, and Eve Isham

[Link]   All of the visual illusions. From Dr. Michael Bach.

[Link]   Interested in grad school for psych/neuro? See which labs and institutions have open grad positions. Updated frequently. 

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