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Behavioral and neural measures of confidence using a novel auditory pitch identification task

T Tang, J Samaha, MAK Peters PsyArXiv


Neural signatures of evidence accumulation encode subjective perceptual confidence independent of performance

W Dou, LJ Martinez-Arango, OG Castaneda, L Arellano, E. McIntyre, C Yballa, J Samaha Psychological Science

Double dissociation of spontaneous alpha-band activity and pupil-linked arousal on additive and multiplicative perceptual gain

A Pilipenko, J Samaha Journal of Neuroscience  *featured article

Alpha-band Brain Dynamics and Temporal Processing: An Introduction to the Special Focus

J Samaha, V Romei Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience


Unique effects of sedatives, dissociatives, psychedelics, stimulants, and cannabinoids on episodic memory: A review and reanalysis of acute drug effects on recollection, familiarity, and metamemory.

M Doss, J Samaha, FS Barrett, R Griffiths, H de Wit, D Gallo, J Koen Psychological Review

Alpha-band frequency and temporal windows in perception: A review and living meta-analysis of 27 experiments (and counting)

J Samaha, V Romei Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Brain signatures indexing variation in internal processing during perceptual decision-making

J Nakuci, J Samaha, D Rahnev iScience

Task feedback suggests a post-perceptual component to serial dependence 

JM Fulvio, B Rokers, J Samaha Journal of Vision

Evaluating the evidence for the functional inhibition account of alpha-band oscillations during preparatory attention

A Morrow, M Elias, J Samaha Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Editorial: Peak frequencies in neural oscillatory activity and their connection to perception and cognition

TJ Baumgarten, A Wutz, J Samaha Frontiers in Psychology

Individual alpha frequency appears unrelated to the latency of early visual responses

A Morrow*, W Dou*, J Samaha Frontiers in Neuroscience *these authors contributed equally 

Effects of satisfying and violating expectations on serial dependence

S Abreo, A Gergen, N Gupta, J Samaha Journal of Vision


Context-binding in visual working memory is reflected in bilateral event-related potentials, but not in contralateral delay activity

Y Cai, JM Fulvio, J Samaha, BR Postle eNeuro

The positive evidence bias in perceptual confidence is unlikely post-decisional

J Samaha, R Denison Neuroscience of Consciousness

Spontaneous alpha-band amplitude predicts subjective visibility but not discrimination accuracy during high-level perception

J Samaha, JJ LaRocque, BR Postle Consciousness & Cognition

Consensus goals in the field of visual metacognition

D Rahnev, T Balsdon, L Charles, V de Gardelle, R Denison, K Desender, N Faivre, E Filevich, SM Fleming, J Jehee, H Lau, ALF Lee, SM Locke, P Mamassian, B Odegaard, M Peters, G Reyes, M Rouault, J Sackur, J Samaha, C Sergent, MT Sherman, M Siedlecka, D Soto, A Vlassova, A Zylberberg Perspectives on Psychological Science

Spectral distribution dynamics across different attentional priority states

M Pietrelli, J Samaha, BR Postle Journal of Neuroscience

Pre-stimulus alpha-band phase gates early visual cortex responses

W Dou, A Morrow, L Iemi, J Samaha Neuroimage

Power spectrum slope confounds estimation of instantaneous oscillatory frequency

J Samaha, MX Cohen Neuroimage


Spontaneous neural oscillations influence behavior and sensory representations by suppressing neuronal excitability

L Iemi, L Gwilliams, J Samaha, R Auksztulewicz, YM Cycowicz, JR King, VV Nikulin, T Thesen, W Doyle, O Devinsky, CE Schroeder, L Melloni, S Haegens NeuroImage

No evidence for a single oscillator underlying discrete visual percepts

A Morrow, J Samaha European Journal of Neuroscience


What do models of visual perception tell us about visual phenomenology? 

R Denison, N Block, J Samaha. in Neuroscience and Philosophy. F De Brigard and W Sinnott-Armstrong. Cambridge, MA, MIT Press,

Towards a socially responsible, transparent, and reproducible cognitive neuroscience. 

S Ashburn, D Abugaber, J Antony, K Bennion, D Bridwell, C Cardenas-Iniguez, M Doss, L Fernández, I Huijsmans, L Krisst, RC Lapate, E Layher, J Leong, Y Li, F Marquez, F Munoz-Rubke, L Musz, T Patterson, J Powers, D Proklova, K Rapuano, S Robinson, J Ross, J Samaha, M Sazma, A Stewart, A Stickel, A Stolk, V Vilgis, M Zirnstein, In M. Gazzaniga & R. Mangun (Eds.), The Cognitive Neurosciences VI. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Tracking stimulus representation across a 2-back visual working memory task.

Q Wan, Y Cai, J Samaha, BR Postle. Royal Society Open Science

Perceptual metacognition of human faces is causally supported by function of the lateral prefrontal cortex

RC Lapate, J Samaha, B Rokers, BR Postle, RJ Davidson Communications Biology

Spontaneous brain oscillations and perceptual decision-making

J Samaha, L Iemi, S Haegens, NA Busch Trends in Cognitive Sciences

The confidence database

D Rahnev, K Desender, ALF Lee, WT Adler, D Aguilar-Lleyda, B Akdoğan, P Arbuzova, L Atlas, F Balcı, J Bang, I Bègue, DP Birney, T Brady, J Calder-Travis, A Chetverikov, TK Clark, K Davranche, RN Denison, T Dildine, KS Double, YA Duyan, N Faivre, KM Fallow, E Filevich, R Gallagher, V de Gardelle, S Gherman, N Haddara, X Hu, M Jaquiery, J Kantner, M Koculak, M Konishi, C Koß, PD Kvam, SC Kwok, M Lebreton, K Lempert, CM Lo, L Luo, B Maniscalco, A Martin, S Massoni, J Matthews, A Mazancieux, DM Merfeld, D O'Hora, E Palser, B Paulewicz, M Pereira, C Peters, MG Philiastides, G Pfuhl, F Prieto, M Rausch, S Recht, G Reyes, M Rouault, J Sackur, S Sadeghi, J Samaha, T Seow, M Shekhar, M Sherman, M Siedlecka, Z Skóra, C Song, D Soto, S Sun, J van Boxtel, S Wang, CT Weidemann, G Weindel, M Wierzchoń, X Xu, Q Ye, J Yeon, F Zou, A Zylberberg Nature Human Behavior


Multiple mechanisms link prestimulus neural oscillations to sensory responses

L Iemi, NA Busch, A Laudini, S Haegens, J Samaha, A Villringer, VV Nikulin eLife

Confidence boosts serial dependence in orientation estimation

J Samaha, M Switzky, BR Postle Journal of Vision


Prevailing theories of consciousness are challenged by novel cross-modal associations acquired between subliminal stimuli

RB Scott, J Samaha, R Chrisley, Z Dienes Cognition

Frequency modulation of neural oscillations according to visual task demands

A Wutz, D Melcher, J Samaha Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Effects of meaningfulness on perception: Alpha-band oscillations carry perceptual expectations and influence early visual responses

J Samaha, B Boutonnet, BR Postle, G Lupyan Scientific Reports


Correlated individual differences suggest a common mechanism underlying metacognition in visual perception and visual short-term memory

J Samaha, BR Postle Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Prestimulus alpha-band power biases visual discrimination confidence, but not accuracy

J Samaha, L Iemi, BR Postle Consciousness and Cognition

Inhibition of lateral prefrontal cortex produces emotionally biased first impressions: a transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroencephalography study

RC Lapate, J Samaha, B Rokers, H Hamzah, BR Postle, RJ Davidson Psychological Science

Preparatory encoding of the fine scale of human spatial attention

B Voytek, J Samaha, CE Rolle, Z Greenberg, N Gill, S Porat, T Kader, S Rahman, R Malzyner, A Gazzaley Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Distinct oscillatory frequencies underlie excitability of human occipital and parietal cortex

J Samaha, O Gosseries, BR Postle Journal of Neuroscience


Three-dimensional digital template atlas of the macaque brain

C Reveley, A Gruslys, FQ Ye, D Glen, J Samaha, B E. Russ, Z Saad, AK Seth, DA Leopold, KS Saleem Cerebral Cortex

Decoding and reconstructing the focus of spatial attention from the topography of alpha-band oscillations

J Samaha, TC Sprague, BR Postle Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Dissociating perceptual confidence from discrimination accuracy reveals no influence of metacognitive awareness on working memory

J Samaha, JJ Barrett, AD Sheldon, JJ LaRocque, BR Postle Frontiers in Psychology


The speed of alpha-band oscillations predicts the temporal resolution of visual perception

J Samaha, BR Postle Current Biology

Top-down control of the phase of alpha-band oscillations as a mechanism for temporal prediction

J Samaha, P Bauer, S Cimaroli, BR Postle Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

How best to study the function of consciousness?

J Samaha Frontiers in psychology