Learn About Our Team

Jason Samaha, PhD

Assistant Professor

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I received a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the supervision of Dr. Bradley Postle. My BA came from San Francisco State University, where I worked with Drs. Mark Geisler and Ezequiel Morsella. I like designing experiments, staring at EEGs, and organizing journal clubs that also involve playing pool. As a mentor, I strive for transparency, equity, and inclusivity in science. 

Wei Dou, MA

PhD Student

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I completed my BS in Applied Psychology at South China Normal University and my MA in Psychological Research at San Francisco State University where I was mentored by Drs. Ezequiel Morsella and Mark Geisler. My research interests focus on consciousness, perception, and decision making

Audrey Morrow, MA

PhD Student

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My research interests include understanding the neural correlates of attention, perception, and executive functioning. I received my MA from New Mexico State University and my BS from Towson University in Maryland. Between pursuing those degrees, I gained experience working as a mental health counselor and in a behavioral neuroscience lab. I have also been known to delve into arts and crafts, gardening, and the occasional board game.

April Pilipenko

PhD Student


My research in the lab focuses on conscious visual perception and the ways in which neural activity, oculomotor activity, and stimulus properties relate to perceptual experiences. I received my BS from University of California, Santa Cruz in Cognitive Science after transferring from Mission College. I also hold certifications in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) as well as hairdressing!

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Sydney Abrahamson, Psychology

Michaela Geller-Montague, Neuroscience

Priya Janjanam, MCD Bio and Psychology

Vrishab Nukala, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science 

Sara Soldano, Cognitive Science (+CS minor)

Elise Turkovich, Cognitive Science

Monty Wilson, Psychology and Cognitive Science

Maxwell Volkan, Cognitive Science

Marcella Williams, Cognitive Science

Sabah Hajidamji, Cognitive Science

Collaborators (past and present)

Vincenzo Romei (University of Bologna)

Manoj Doss (UT Austin)

Nick Davidenko (UC Santa Cruz)

Nico Orlandi (UC Santa Cruz)

Megan Peters (UC Irvine)

Rachel Denison (Boston University)

Luca Iemi (Barnard College)

Bradley Voytek (UC San Diego)

Tommy Sprague (UC Santa Barbara)

Hakwan Lau (UC Los Angeles)

Regina Lapate (UC Santa Barbara) 

David Melcher (University of Trento)

Andreas Wutz (University of Salzburg)

Bradley Postle (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Gary Lupyan (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Olivia Gosseries (University of Liege) 

Niko Busch (University of Münster)

Anil Seth (University of Sussex)

Ryan Scott (University of Sussex)

Former Research Assistants

Maria Ignacia Poupin Roebel, Cognitive Science

Malachi Oliver, Cognitive Science

Heather Riley, Cognitive Science

Leopoldo Arellano III, Cognitive Science

Lleymi Martinez, Neuroscience and Psychology

Olenka Graham Castaneda, Neuroscience, UC Riverside (MARC U STAR summer fellow)

Shelby Lutjen, Cognitive Science

Kyle Bennett, MCD Biology and Cognitive Science

Mackenzie Elias, Cognitive Science

Leo Whisten, Psychology

Emily Mcintyre, Cognitive Science

Wubel Webeshete, Neuroscience

Josey Andre, Cognitive Science, Education Minor

Abirami Patchaiyappan, Computer Science and Cognitive Science